Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio - October 24-November 22

Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio - October 24-November 22


Scorpios are strong-minded and fierce, but simultaneously also very sensitive. An interesting mixture that characterises all those born between October 24 and November 22.

Their own personalities are decisively influenced by the sign of the Zodiac. Scorpios are passionate people and consequently live in line with the ‘All or Nothing’ motto. There are neither diplomatic solutions nor compromises for them, because they insist on their own opinions and employ their strength and strength of will to achieve their goals. Scorpios are considered to be particularly intelligent and profound, love to analyse and can therefore have great empathy with the feelings of others.

Along with Leo, Aquarius and Taurus, Scorpio is one of the so-called fixed signs of the Zodiac. These four signs of the Zodiac are characterised by their consistency. They systematically pursue their goals, wanting to expand and organise the existing. Particularly arduous tasks requiring lots of patience and endurance are perfect for fixed signs of the Zodiac.


As active and demanding people, Scorpios get to the bottom of things. They dislike handing over control and therefore analyse everything down to the very last detail. They frequently fascinate others with their strength of will and passion.

Furthermore, the following properties are attributed to Scorpios:


  • are a water element. They are therefore considered emotional and react sensitively.
  • love to entice secrets from people; because they are intrigued by the unknown and the enigmatic.
  • fall head over heels in love with others and are loyal companions.
  • frequently show their compassionate and loving nature when fighting for justice and supporting others.
  • would do anything for those who are important to them.

The rose-coloured rose quartz is the birthstone attributed to all Scorpios born in October. According to Greek and Roman mythology, this birthstone was brought down to earth by Eros – the God of Love – to give love to all people. For this reason, it is also described as the ‘stone of love’.

Rose quartz is believed to have the following properties:

  • It promotes creativity, expression and imagination.
  • It stands for gentleness and warm-heartedness.

Golden-green lemon quartz (also known as ‘ouro-verde quartz’; ‘ouro verde’ is Portuguese for green gold) is the birthstone for all Scorpios born in November. The stone’s typical colouring is reminiscent of the citrine. For this reason, lemon quartz is also frequently described as lemon citrine. Lemon quartz is believed to have the following properties:

  • It activates, awakens, makes you extrovert and dynamic.
  • It breaks down insecurities and enables a better understanding of impressions and perceptions.

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