Zodiac sign Capricorn: Timeless, elegant jewellery made for them

Zodiac sign Capricorn: Timeless, elegant jewellery made for them


Zodiac sign Capricorn: Timeless, elegant jewellery made for them

Every Zodiac sign has its own individual traits and jewellery preferences. Read on to discover more about Capricorns born between 22nd December and 20th January and their favourite jewellery styles.


Zodiac sign Capricorn

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Gemstone: Rock crystal

Colours: Brown

Famous Capricorn´s: Kate Moss, Jared Leto, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton

Those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are known to be pragmatic, ambitious, reserved and honest. They are also said to be imaginative and persistent as well as pedantic and in control. They embrace life to the full, through which they move thoughtfully and with perseverance.

In terms of style, Capricorns rely on their timeless elegance, time and time again. This is mainly expressed through conscious minimalism but they’re also known for their playful styling, which is usually planned out thoroughly in advance.

Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, both born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn perfectly illustrate this balancing act. Whilst the former focusses on British classics, the later practically single handily reinvented the style concept of ‘Cool Britannia’ and ‘London Rock’n’Roll’.

These two examples show that the style of the Capricorn isn’t defined as one, and doesn’t just apply to the fashion industry, but the jewellery and accessory world as well.

In terms of jewellery, the ideal Capricorn accessories are timeless and classic, but also designed with great sensitivity and thoughtfulness. At THOMAS SABO, the two collections that suit Capricorn women best are "Sparkling Heritage" and "Classic Silver". The minimalist, refined shapes, together with the discreet glamour of the jewellery will win over even the most sceptical Capricorns.

Jared Leto and Timothée Chalamet are also born under the zodiac sign Capricorn and are renown for accessorising jewellery in a modern, more daring way. The "Rebel Kingdom" and "Elements of Nature" THOMAS SABO collections would suit these individuals best thanks to their handcrafted detail and statement designs.

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