MADAME x THOMAS SABO: Exclusive insights into our current collections

MADAME x THOMAS SABO: Exclusive insights into our current collections


Our Creative Director Aurore Melot met with Petra Winter, Editor-in-Chief of

MADAME magazine, to talk about our new Magic Stars and Engravables collections. Find out more about the inspiration and meanings behind the collections, as well as how to wear THOMAS SABO jewellery.

"After all, science says that butterflies flapping their wings somewhere on the planet can change entire climates in a completely different place," says Petra Winter, editor-in-chief of the German fashion magazine MADAME, referencing the Magic Butterfly from the THOMAS SABO Magic Stars collection. Find out more about the inspiration, significance and styling of the collection in conversation between THOMAS SABO Creative Director Aurore Melot and the Editor-in-Chief of MADAME (video partly only available in German language).

Filmed in both the THOMAS SABO store in Munich's Perusastraße and in the studio, the video gives you a behind the scenes look whilst also showcasing a moment when a piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery is decorated with an individual engraving. "Engraving is about making jewellery very special and unique with personalisation or life mottos" sums up Petra Winter. 

The THOMAS SABO Magic Stars collection is dedicated to the magic of the stars and inspires hope, connection and belonging. The variety ranges from cosmic ear pendants in mismatch style to fine, ornamentally decorated necklaces and elegant bracelets and pendants: with each piece handcrafted in pure 925 sterling silver or in some cases with 750 yellow gold plating. Highlights include the large butterfly pendants, with detailed cut-out design techniques, intense midnight blue stones as well as a special sandstone look. There is a lot to discover! For Aurore Melot these pieces of jewellery are true "talismans".

You can learn many tips and tricks on how to combine pieces of jewellery, for example in contrasting pairs or on chains of different lengths, in detail from fashion expert Petra Winter. Which fabrics and outfits go best, what makes a look bolder? By the way, Aurore Melot, our creative director, also wears her jewellery in a very individual way, as she reveals in the video. Her trend favourites? The "earcandy look" and combining jewellery pieces in a "mismatch style".

We hope you enjoy watching the two fashion experts.