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Bracelet "Little Secret Lotus Flower"
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Align your chakras with spiritual chakra pendants and bracelets

With its origins rooted deeply in Ancient Eastern philosophy, it is believed that we all have seven chakras or energy points that vertically run throughout our bodies and only when all chakras are open we can be at peace and fully accepting of ourselves. The THOMAS SABO Chakra jewellery line, draws inspiration from these teachings and have transitioned them into a desirable, sought after range of chakra pendants and colourful stone bracelets. From the precious chakra pendants from THOMAS SABO Fine Jewellery collection to the feminine Mini Chakras in the Glam & Soul collection, discover an array of beautifully designed Lotus shaped chakra pendants crafted from 925 sterling silver, 18k solid rose gold, or completed with 18k gold plating. The stunning chakra designs are decorated with radiant gemstones and diamonds that help us recognise the energy we have within us, which ultimately helps us to focus on aligning all seven chakras we inhabit.

Focus on life motivations with spiritual jewellery

The ancient traditions teach us that it is important to focus on our closing chakras. Chakra jewellery such as the root chakra that stands for instinct, stability and assertiveness, is represented in a beautiful red garnet diamond pendant. Ever heard of opening your third eye? Doing this helps you to see what may be and strengthens your intuition, represented in a perfect violet amethyst. Focussing on opening your closing chakras will help balance out your being. However, if you would prefer to focus on opening more than one chakra at a single time, chakra jewellery is also available in gorgeous earrings, colourful stone bracelets and Little Secrets rope bracelets and rings to remind you to focus on your final goal and what is important in life.

The perfect gift for your spiritual companion

Whilst THOMAS SABO Chakra jewellery is perfect for getting in touch your own energy, it can also be the perfect gift for someone special in tune with their spiritual - as well as their stylish side. Do you know someone close to you who collects special stones or crystals, is obsessed with opening their third eye, or simply loves statement pendants? Present them with a piece of THOMAS SABO Chakra jewellery for an occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary or just to say “thank you”: this is sure to be the perfect jewellery gift that they will treasure and hold near to their heart and soul.