Earrings - Women (22)

Earrings "Signature Line Dark Blue"
RM 309.00 RM 619.00
Earrings "Iconic"
RM 769.00
Earrings For Beads
RM 119.00
Earrings "Classic Pavé"
From RM 409.00
Earrings "Lotus Black"
RM 619.00
Earring "Moon"
RM 198.00
Earring "Moon Silver"
RM 249.00
Earring "Crossgold"
From RM 279.00
Earring "Moon Mother-of-pearl"
From RM 409.00
Earrings "Light-blue Cosmo"
RM 769.00
Earrings "Africa Triangle"
RM 929.00
Earring "Star"
RM 249.00
Earring "Triangle Gold"
RM 499.00
Earrings "Dots"
RM 499.00
Earrings "Circle"
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Earrings for women with a wow-factor

Whether you are looking for statement earrings for a special occasion, or every day wear, THOMAS SABO have a range of silver and gold earrings for women that will surely cater to all your needs! From wow-factor chandelier earrings, to the most delicate pearl earrings: THOMAS SABO's earrings for women can be worn with hoops and ear studs and are the perfect accessories for those ladies who like to stand out from the crowd! The selection includes evergreen designs that will never go out of style and are reminiscent of style icons such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. From the Classic Silver range, silver and gold earrings in geometric shapes, are trendy yet timeless, perfect for even the most fashion conscious women. 

Lead the way with Extra Large Single Earrings

One of the latest earring trends to have hit the fashion world are single earrings for women. Gone are the days of panicking when losing one of your favourite earrings, with the single earrings trend you can throw convention out the window and simply rock one. Whether it’s the intricate snake or the Trendy triangle from the Generation Charm Club collection, with such on-trend pieces, you surely won't go unnoticed! With an array of designs, match your extra large single earrings to Charms on your Charm necklace or bracelet for a complete look.

Embrace the multiple earring trend

Get creative and play with the mismatched and multiple earring trend by mixing and matching THOMAS SABO ear studs and hoop earrings. For rock 'n' roll girls with multiple piercings, create a look that is unique to you by pairing skull earrings and ear studs with other Rebel at heart designs for an impactful look. If your style is more feminine, add a sparkle to an outfit by pairing gold earrings with any hoop or studded earring of your choice – with the multiple earring trend, the goal is to have fun!