Hoop Earrings - Women (44)

Hoop Earrings For Charms
RM 149.00
Single Hoop Earring Classic
RM 189.00
Hoop Earrings "Large"
From RM 356.00
Hoop Earrings For Beads "Small"
From RM 249.00
Hoop Earrings "Creole"
RM 434.50 RM 869.00
Hinged Hoops "Dots"
RM 409.00
Hoop Earrings For Charms
RM 249.00
Hoop Earrings "Classic"
RM 1,089.00
Hoop Earrings For Beads "Large"
From RM 409.00
Hoop Earrings "Royalty"
From RM 819.00
Hoop Earrings For Beads "Medium"
From RM 309.00
Hinged Hoops "Classic"
RM 719.00
Hoop Earrings "Anchor"
RM 539.00
Hoop Earrings "Royalty White"
From RM 659.00
Hinged Hoops "Bicolour"
RM 929.00
Hinged Hoops "Disc"
RM 499.00
Hinged Hoops "Classic"
Sold Out
Hinged Hoops "Cross"
Sold Out

Essentials for your jewellery box: find your perfect hoop earrings

Extra-large, hinged, diamond-encrusted, plain or textured: hoop earrings are THE trend of the season and, as everyone is different, THOMAS SABO has created a range of gold hoops and silver hoops to suit anyone’s style. As seen on the catwalks and straight into your jewellery box, hoop earrings will become your daily jewellery staples that you won’t be able to live without!

 The wear-them-all-day-everyday silver hoop earrings

They can take you from day to night, from the office to a fancy dinner out: the perfect sterling silver hoop earrings are not easy to find, but guess what? THOMAS SABO knows a thing or two about silver earrings and has created the perfect ear jewellery designs to suit anyone’s lobes! From small and chunky, with the signature brand logo embossed on the sides, to slim and large – like this season’s trend dictates -  look no further than THOMAS SABO’s range of perfect silver hoop earrings. Choose between the classic plain hoops, the dotted ones, the skull hoops or the elegant pearl earrings. Do you have more than one piercing on each lobe? Then have fun creating your very own sets by mixing and matching your favourite hoop earrings with colourful ear studs and embrace the mismatched earring trend.

Straight from the 80’s: statement gold earrings

The 80’s hoop earring trend is back in full swing and it’s here to stay, as this style of silver or gold earring becomes an essential of every modern woman’s wardrobe. Make a statement with 18k plated yellow gold hoops by THOMAS SABO: precious additions to your jewellery box, as the miniature skulls and the triangles dangling from the gold hoops come encrusted with real diamonds! Feminine 18k rose gold earrings from the Fine Jewellery collection feature a small hoop which can be adorned with stunning pendants with precious stones – the perfect gift idea for a very special occasion! 
Hoop earrings with a feminine 18k rose gold plating will make the joy of any lady: delicate and dazzling with white zirconia, they suit all skin tones and have the power to lit up the wearer’s face.