Inspiration - Infinity of Love (2)

Bracelet "Infinity"
RM 371.60 RM 929.00


The new THOMAS SABO Infinity of Love line is characterised by sophisticated light reflexes and classic shapes. Timeless creations in Sterling silver and with rose gold plating, dazzling pavé embellishment crafted from zirconia stones capture the light in a unique manner, creating fascinating light reflexes that will bring a glow to the face of any woman. The focus of the range is the eternity symbol, which features in all items of jewellery in the range and opulent, with stone-embellished cocktail rings in various colours. The necklaces, bracelets and rings in the new jewellery range merge the exquisitely classic with a modern twist. The necklaces, bracelets and rings in this new jewellery range unite the exquisite classical with a fabulously modern twist.

Collection items of jewellery

The motto of the ladies’ collection is the ‘eternity of love’. The necklaces, pendants and bracelets crafted from Sterling silver or with rose gold plating draw on the Infinity symbol, which is embellished with white pavé zirconia. With the intensely-colourful, extravagant cocktail rings in the Infinity of Love range, THOMAS SABO is unveiling a dazzling festival of elegance that touches all senses. The artfully-finished rings are available with rose gold plating combined with warm earthy tones such as olive green, brown and hot pink or in radiant Sterling silver with jewellery stones in black, light-blue, dark-blue and white. The gloriously-colourful rings bundle light into dazzling light reflexes and create a veritable dazzle fest in the eyes of any woman.


The feminine colours and shapes of the items of jewellery reveal feminine beauty in a natural way. Among other things, the opulent cocktail rings are adorned with hot pink-coloured synthetic corundums, aqua-coloured synthetic spinels or black checkerboard-look onyxes. The artfully-faceted jewellery stones are unique with their Signature Cut developed especially for THOMAS SABO and framed by seemingly endless dazzling pavé stone, which symbolises the eternity of love. The Infinity symbols in the necklaces, bracelets and hoop earrings in the ladies’ collection are embellished with white zirconia and are available with rose gold plating or in Sterling silver. The jewellery in the Infinity of Love line is perfect as a gift for your BFF, sister or wife, expressing the eternity of the friendship or the love you have for this truly special person.