Inspiration - Kingdom of Dreams (25)

Ear Studs "Royalty Stone"
From RM 249.00
Bracelet "Royalty white"
RM 719.00
Ring "Royalty Colourful Stones"
RM 719.00
Ring "Royalty Colourful Stones"
RM 669.00
Necklace "Royalty Star white"
RM 659.00
Hoop Earrings "Royalty"
From RM 819.00
Ring "Crown Silver"
From RM 1,089.00
Ring "Royalty white"
RM 439.00
Charm Pendant "Heart"
RM 499.00
Ring "Royalty Star gold"
RM 1,089.00
Bead "Royalty Star blue"
RM 419.00
Ear studs "Royalty white"
RM 329.00
Bead "Royalty silver"
RM 459.00
Charm Pendant "Cross"
RM 409.00
Necklace "Locket nautical star round"
Sold Out
Necklace "Royalty Moon"
Sold Out
Bead "Royalty Black"
Sold Out
Bead "Royalty gold"
Sold Out


Jewellery of dreams:

Crafted in magnificent detailing, the THOMAS SABO Kingdom of Dreams enchants with royal colour codes and the magic inspired by the starry night sky. The designs are a modern reinterpretation of Victorian aesthetics with a touch of royal opulence. Decorated with hand-set stones and featuring cosmic elements such as the stars and the moon, each piece of jewellery becomes a creation giving free range to imagination.