Inspiration - Paradise Colours (8)

Bracelet "Colourful Stones"
From RM 539.00
Necklace "Bee"
RM 989.00
Bead "Parrot"
RM 1,019.00
Pendant "Love & Peace"
RM 989.00
Charm Pendant "Flamingo"
RM 769.00
Charm pendant "cocktail"
RM 269.00
Bead "Sun Symbol"
RM 539.00
Bead "Ethno Turquoise"
RM 356.00


The jewellery trend of the year is colour! Full of light and bright hues, the new THOMAS SABO women's jewellery designs combine paradisiacal colours with a graphic and modern design language. The Boho-inspired look made of hand-set stones and colourful cold enamel makes every piece extremely unique. The shimmering and iridescent abalone mother-of-pearl adds a special touch to every piece of jewellery.