Inspiration - Rebel Kingdom (24)

Venezia Chain "Blackened"
From RM 356.00
Ring "crown"
From RM 1,429.00
Charm Bracelet
From RM 329.00
Charm Necklace "Circle Large"
RM 309.00
Bead "Royalty Star black"
RM 298.00
Bead "Royalty cross"
RM 298.00
Leather strap "Royalty cross"
RM 1,639.00
Charm Pendant "Skull King"
RM 499.00
Charm Pendant "Sword"
RM 769.00
Leather strap "falcon"
RM 1,639.00
Bead "Royalty Orb"
RM 259.00
Bead "Hero"
RM 356.00
Pendant Maori Skull
RM 1,759.00
Charm Pendant "Sword"
RM 619.00
Bead "globe"
RM 259.00
Ring "Skull crown"
Sold Out
Pendant "Ethnic Cross Small"
Sold Out
Pendant "Skull crown"
Sold Out
Bead "Skull King"
Sold Out
Leather strap "skull"
Sold Out
Bead "Skull Queen"
Sold Out


With its rock’n’roll design language, distinctive crowns and an impressive orb, the THOMAS SABO Rebel Kingdom is all about designs with character. As new interpretations of the famous skull, the artistically handcrafted jewellery items are now the crowning glory of the iconic Rebel at heart Collection line as symbols of self-confidence and strength.