Jewellery with engraving by THOMAS SABO

Jewellery items bearing an individual message are something very special for their wearers. Jewellery with an engraving is often a reminder of a certain day in the wearer’s life, represents the connection to another person or highlights the personality of the wearer. This makes jewellery not only an everyday companion and accessory but also a piece of memory with enormous expressive power!

Jewellery with engraving is so versatile because many different pieces of jewellery can be engraved. THOMAS SABO offers you a variety of pendants as well as classic bracelets and bangles for free engraving. This means: You select the jewellery item of your choice in 925 Sterling silver with yellow or rose gold plating and we engrave your personal message for you free of charge!

Styling tip: Engraved pendants can be combined in many ways with THOMAS SABO bracelets and necklaces! Simply select the pendant of your choice, have a personal message engraved free of charge and you can then combine your engraved pendant with other Charms or wear it as a beautiful, individual element and attract admiring glances!

Anyone who wants to have jewellery engraved usually wants a very special and individual message. However, formulating the engraving message can be trickier than expected. As part of our free engraving service, we therefore offer many pre-formulated messages, symbols and numbers for you to choose from! Just browse through the possibilities and find the message to suit you and your wishes.

Giving a gift of engraved jewellery is a gesture that expresses a special bond. After all, the recipient is so important to you that you have a unique message made especially for him or her. This leaves an impression and gives the jewellery a deep meaning. Such pieces of jewellery often become the absolute favourites of their new owners.

The wonderful thing about our engravable jewellery is that it can also be given as a gift in so many ways. Whether you are looking for a gift for your daughter, your partner or a girlfriend - we offer a variety of different jewellery items and styles, which you can have engraved by us free of charge.

Many couples have a song, a very special term of endearment or a saying through which they feel connected. A piece of jewellery engraved with lines bearing a personal and emotional message is particularly suitable as a sign of deep feelings. There are many different wearing possibilities. Either you choose partner necklaces whose pendants each form a part of the whole message. Or you can choose to wear two pieces of jewellery with the same engraving - for example the anniversary or wedding date. Each partner can also have their own individual engraved message.