Rebel at heart – Jewellery for men with attitude

Rebel at heart is the name of the gentlemen's jewellery line in the THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver collection. In 2007 this high-profile line was presented for the first time and has been a gentlemen's collection in its own right since 2013. The collection is alluring by virtue of its hip statement jewellery for men with expressive motifs and masculine materials, such as blackened 925 Sterling silver combined with leather and black zirconia stones. The large and bold Rebel at heart designs are also very popular among ladies. Many motifs have long been icons of the THOMAS SABO jewellery world: whether chain pendants in the form of skulls, crosses, snakes or dragons – the figurative creations are an important component of the THOMAS SABO DNA.

The gentlemen's collection offers diverse items of jewellery in silver and black, such as striking pendants, chains, bracelets, cufflinks and rings. They can be combined with one another and with designs from the Karma Beads line to form individual and personal styles, and they invariably underscore perfectly the wearer's personality. The collection is rounded off by harmonised watches for men, Karma Beads and a highly expressive gentlemen's perfume.

Love Bridge: personalised bracelets for men with complimentary engraving

The Love Bridge range is all about personalisation and includes an array of bold bracelet designs with tiger’s eye stone and black obsidian beads, featuring a blackened sterling silver arch - the bridge - that offers space for a complimentary engraving. Life mottos, important dates and names can be engraved free of charge, in just a couple of minutes, both online and in-store. Many Love Bridge bracelets for men incorporate the real Rebel at heart style, with ultra-detailed mystical animals, falcons, skulls and feather designs connecting the two ends of the bracelet: edgy jewellery styles that will appeal to both gentlemen and ladies.

THOMAS SABO men's jewellery collection: leather Unity Bracelets

THOMAS SABO has recently introduces a wide selection of unisex leather and stainless steel bracelets styles with beautifully decorated magnetic claps, which unite two half to form an uber-cool one. The tough-luxe of the plaited leather mixed with the sophistication of the clasp make of these bracelets real cutting-edge pieces that will instantly add style kudos to both smart and casual outfits, great both for her and for him!

THOMAS SABO watches for men

Watches are one of the many Rebel at heart hits of the men's collection. Each season THOMAS SABO creates sleek new timepieces with elegant stainless steel bracelet or leather strap: watches and chronograph watches that transpire masculinity and modern style, surprising with unexpected special features like a dragon or a skull in the dial. The mesh bracelet in the rebel Spirit range is a key contemporary trend feature for watches created for style conscious men.