Glam & Soul ladies' collection

The noble ladies' jewellery of the popular Sterling Silver collection is called Glam & Soul and at all times of the day and night it radiates feminine glamour and timeless elegance. These creations, designed with much love of detail, are made of 925 Sterling silver and partly plated with 18k yellow or rose gold. High-quality zirconia stones, deceptively similar to diamonds, and other, brightly coloured stones give the design its delightfully beautiful sparkle and luminescence. The Glam & Soul Line is a mix between chic-rock style and feminine, timeless elegance. The unique style blend of casual and noble is highly modern and an ideal expression of the bold modernity of ladies' jewellery.

Jewellery from the collection

The Glam & Soul Line offers everything that a lady's heart desires: from small and large earrings, silver bangles and delicate bracelets, radiant pendants and elegant chains all the way to mutually combinable rings and oversized, trendy cocktail rings which set the hand off perfectly.

Since the 2013 Spring/Summer collection was launched, numerous pieces from the Glam & Soul line have radiated the warmth of yellow or rose gold. This provides an unprecedented diversity of designs and combinations, plus an individual bicolour and tricolour style statement.

What is particularly pleasing is that numerous items of Glam & Soul jewellery can be combined with the other Sterling Silver lines Karma Beads and Rebel at heart to make quite personal creations and style statements.

Combination ideas

The unusual Glam & Soul ladies' collection offers high-quality accessories for every woman, every look and every occasion: whether timeless classic for the office or radiantly opulent for the grand entrance in the evening – this unique jewellery line enables you to make unmistakable creations which lend any outfit a certain something. The collection is crowned by harmoniously matching watches and Karma Beads. With the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul Line you can reinvent yourself every day!

Introducing the new THOMAS SABO collection: diamond jewellery and much more!

Emotions, memorable life moments and symbols of eternal love: the new THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver jewellery collection has been inspired by the universal “Together” message. Feminine and powerful interpretations of this maxim are the season’s stand-out diamond jewellery pieces, finished with genuine diamond embellishment: for the very first time, iconic THOMAS SABO silver jewellery designs such as eternity rings, Together rings, infinity symbol necklaces and solitaires from the Glam & Soul range receive an exquisite diamond upgrade becoming precious, forever lasting symbols of love. As the embodiment of feminine beauty, new diamond jewellery designs featuring triangles and geometric shapes unites urban coolness with unique charisma in silver jewellery and 18k gold and yellow gold plated designs with a minimalist yet edgy appeal.

Celebrating and reinterpreting symbols from the ancient Egyptian and Hindu cultures, the Nile Treasures range and Prana Oriental designs include an array of highly figurative eye-catchers: jewellery pieces to treasure for years to come.